Candy Crush!

Today I have decided to talk about this extremely addicting game!

Let’s start with the objective of the game, and then I’ll get to the key point, the name.

So, this game basically consists in combining candies of the same colour in groups of 3 (it’s the most common because is obviously the easiest, so you just eliminate the three candies), 4 (you get a candy capable of eliminating a whole line), 5 (you get a candy that, combined with a simple candy, makes every candy with the same colour of the one combined explode) or L (you get another type of candy that explodes, eliminating the ones nearby).  Beyond that, you can combine result of the other combinations (4, 5 or L) resulting in big candy elimination. After this explanation, you can thank me because you no longer need to buy “Candy Crush for Dummies”. xD

Now I’ll get straight to the point of this post, which is “Why this name for the game?”. Right now you’re probably thinking “what a cuckoo crazy this one!”. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not, it’s obviously because you crush candy, I get it. But I think there is a second intention on this name (even if the creators didn’t mean for it to happen). “Candy Crush” is because you get so addicted that is like being in love, and so you want to spend every second of your time playing the game. It’s like the game is your crush…You have never played the game so you think this is not possible? That’s because you’re underestimating it. Don’t see it as matching pieces, see it as a very important (and sometimes hard) mission, believe me it will be really easy after you try.

Unfortunately not everything is magic, so I must warn you that you can only have 5 lives and that it takes 30 minutes for you to have another live after you have spent it.

To finish, here is a photo to let you know when you’re doing things badly.



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