Things that I hate #1

I’ll have to admit, there are a lot of things I hate! But who hasn’t it?

That’s the reason why I intended to start writing about it, and because I couldn’t put it on one post only, I decided to make a collection. From now on, every time I remember something I hate, I will post it! By giving it followed numbers I pretend to count down how many things I hate in this world.

Today I’ll start with something I remembered this weekend, and that everyone that wants to be close with me (friends, best friends, boyfriends…) should know. I HATE WHEN SOMEONE MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A PAIN IN THE ASS! Well, that usually happens because I really love to talk, so I start conversations on Facebook or I call/text a lot. I do it more than other people come talk to me, and that makes me feel like I am annoying.

Well, basically that’s it! Although I’ll have to apologize to everyone close to me in whom the shoe doesn’t fit…


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