Burned Popcorns!

Today I had a three hours break from classes, what a lucky day! I had planned to have lunch with my friend Tiago and I was wishing we could study after that. However, Tiago had other plans, he was going to have lunch at home, leaving me completely forever alone…When I was leaving, after deciding to lunch at home too, I saw my friend Joana, she was going to have lunch at the refectory, but first she had a class. I immediately saw there a chance to stop being forever alone, so I went to the class with her. Luckily, her teacher was sick so there was no class. Then, we went lunching in the refectory like a normal day. But after that, we went to Joana’s house where we decided to watch a movie. We watched ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ (I didn’t mind to watch it again), and we eat popcorns, burned microwave popcorns (the first ones, after that Joana made decent popcorns).


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