Happy Birthday!



This post is for you Tixa! I hope you have a pleasant day, although I know it can’t be perfect because I’m not there with you. :P

I’ll try not to be very lame, but I have to say that I miss you a lot (Inês don’t be jealous because I miss you too). I miss our crazy shits, our laughs, our movie times, our sleepovers, I even miss our fights. School without you sucks, I don’t laugh so often and I have nothing to eat if I forget my cookies at home.

I will not continue because if I did it right, at this moment you are crying…So enough tears, let’s remember the good times we’ve leaved, the ones we will leave when I’ll come to visit you at Bologna, and also all the other ones we will live in this eternal friendship!

I miss you!

Take care!

Kisses :)*

Image *Thanks for the memories*


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