Cans Party!

The “Cans Party” is one of the Students of Coimbra’s biggest parties! It is a 7 days thing in honour of the freshmen! It starts on a Wednesday night at 24h with a serenade in the beautiful voices of students of Coimbra singing the “Fado of Coimbra”. After this, from Thursday to the following Wednesday there are concerts every night with Portuguese music, groups of students that sing Coimbra’s songs and there is also a nigh with a big international name, this year was La Roux. On Tuesday, there is a big parade where freshmen are dressed in funny costumes and we walk the streets of this beautiful city singing songs about our courses. There is more tradition involved but it’s difficult to explain all, so I’ll stop the description here…Oh, I almost forgot, can’t hide that there is always lots of alcohol involved! :P

This year was a little bit different since our group is not complete, but fortunately Carolina was able to come and we passed really nice days catching up. Hope she liked as much as I did! :D

Here are some pics…



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