“Home Sweet&Expensive Home”

I think I haven’t told you yet, but I am a big fan of interior design!

I spend a lot of time looking on the internet for photos of houses and rooms, and tips about decoration. Unfortunately I think I’ll only have a house like the ones I see on the photos or the movies when I get rich, because having a house or just a room like that must be really expensive. Today I was watching television and saw a program where they remodel people’s houses, and they made this beautiful, beautiful room and then, in the end, they said it had costed 20.000€. So until I am rich or at least find a great job (hope a pharmacist salary is enough, although I know in Portugal that is impossible) I’ll continue to look on the internet. By the way, there is an awesome site that I usually visit: http://freshome.com/

The last thing I saw in this site were mezzanines. I always dreamed about living in one…so here are the photographs of the ones I find more attractive: 



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