An Inconvenient Truth

I was listening to Shangri La, and when this song started I had to stop and look for the lyrics. I’ve heard it before, and I don’t know why I only paid real attention to the lyric this time (maybe it was because I was doing nothing intellectually demanding).
It is scary, but Jake in this song pretty much sums up everything there is to say about our generation, and it is so sad to hear it, but it’s true.

I will write down some verses so you can see what I mean…

“They grin but they don’t mean it”
“They sing but they don’t feel it”
“They think but they don’t speak it”
“They find and they don’t seek it”
“Try their best but they can’t beat it”
“You sleep but you don’t dream it”
“You’re sly but you don’t seem it”

To conclude “There’s a beast eating every bit of beauty/ And yes we all feed it”

I HOPE WE START DOING SOMETHING TO CHANGE THIS! We are the future of this world and yet we do nothing for it. We just leave our lives and hope nothing bad happens to us, and don’t even care about the people that surrounds us. But WE SHOULD BE THE CHANGE WE WANNA SEE IN THE FUTURE!



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