“Macinsoup”, worth it for a Trip to Bologna

Last night I was chatting with my friend Patricia, that is currently in Bologna for the Erasmus Program (though she have arrived in Portugal last Friday and I’m going to see her tomorrow), and we were talking our crazy stuff and then she remembered to refer that her boyfriend bought a plane ticket to go visit her there for 55euros. OMG I couldn’t believe, it was really cheap, I stopped completely because of the shock, and then, I don’t know how, my bowl of soup fell in my mac and on the sofa. It was soup all over the place, I immediately ran for a dishcloth and cleaned the shit I made. After that I went to Ryanair’s site to see if there were any tickets left, fortunately there was so I called my mom to ask for permission to buy it. She was very supportive because she knew I really wanted to go there to see my friends. After a long fight with the Internet to buy the ticket (you may think is stupid, but it was the first time I ever bought something on internet), I finally did it I and so now I can say: Bologna, here I go, wait for me in May!


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